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Connecting the Cypriot Enterprise Link community

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Today we are super excited to announce the launch of a new era. Before we get started, let me say a few words about the Cypriot Enterprise Link’s history.

In 2012, the Cypriot Enterprise Link was formed with a clear target in mind, to connect Cypriots across the globe, support entrepreneurs and put Cyprus on the global map of technology and entrepreneurship. 

Since then, we launched multiple initiatives such as Hack Cyprus, CEL Legal and the Pink Edition to connect people in a variety of sectors and different knowledge.

We focused all of our energy on the community, by organising the first ever hackathon, the first code school in high schools and the largest entrepreneurship conference in Cyprus.

Over the past three years we have managed to build a strong network, both locally as well as globally. This network includes everyone, from the team, to the volunteers, speakers at our events and people attending and giving value to our events with their presence.

All members in our network were found to share six common values that are embedded deep down into the core of the organisation.

1. Proud Cypriots.
Self respect and pride to be Cypriot is at the core of why CEL exists. Our belief is that our country has brilliant talent who can achieve great things if channelled correctly. We get out of bed every morning because we are in love with the idea of building a more entrepreneurial and innovative Cyprus.

2. Positivity.
We look to the future with positivity that our generation will make things better, for no reason other than no one else will do it for us. We come up with innovative ideas across all sectors and all communities and push not only for progress, but sustainable progress. We want to develop and educate our youth to think the same way.

3. Stronger Together.
Together we can achieve great things. CEL consists of genuine people, with genuine and pure motives, who understand that through giving, one ultimately receives. Through selflessness, mutual respect and collaboration we can push our island forward together. The help we receive is a debt we pay forward to others that need it.

4. Doers.
Its not just about having ideas, it’s about building a culture where the implementation of these ideas becomes the norm. Change requires risk and by extension failure, but that’s okay. The point is not to never fail, but to keep failing so that the status quo is always challenged.

5. Learn. Improve. Repeat.
All CEL members engage in constant learning through observation, conversation and self reflection. We know that by experimenting we learn. We build and improve on past experiences, discard what doesn’t work and repeat everything having an impact.

6. Work hard. Play hard.
Last but not least, we are hard workers, but always remember to enjoy the journey at the same time.

Wanting to make our current network more tangible, accessible and valuable to everyone, we decided to revolutionise the way people connect in our network.

Today we are digitising and organising our entire network.
Meet “CEL Members”.

CEL Members is a private online membership platform for everyone that shares Cypriot Enterprise Link’s values. This membership also acts as your official organization membership.

With your membership you gain access to a vast network of highly skilled, like-minded and driven individuals. All members registered through this platform are recognised to belong to a professional organisation, so we are also awarding each member an email ( to use in every-day correspondence. By becoming a member, you also gain the privilege to make your voice heard by being able to vote for matters at the General Meetings and having the ability to be elected in the Executive Board Committee of CEL.

In the following updates, as a member you will have the chance to list your business in the network, gain access to member only offers by local businesses and much more.

If you like what you hear and would like to become a member, you have two options;

A. Referrals
If you know two people who are already members, you can add their emails in the registration form. Once both members complete their short references, your registration will be examined by our team. This helps us ensure that all members share CEL’s values.

B. No references
If you don’t know anyone but still share our values, you can join our network by requesting registration and providing a short biography and why you would like to join CEL.

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