Monday, 10 November 2014 15:48

Cypriot entrepreneurship expands through Europe

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It’s quite inspiring to be at an international conference and get the chance to exchange ideas, see what others do, find possible collaborators and even listen to important people giving you insight on important matters, or how they solved problems.

The Web Summit in Dublin happened last week with more than 20 thousand attendees, 500 speakers and 2 thousand startups exhibiting. It’s even more inspiring when you get to see multiple teams from Cyprus showcasing their startups at such a conference. I was excited to see that 15 Cypriot startups showcased their businesses to the whole world and thankful to have been there to experience it first hand.

I would like to congratulate all the Cypriot startups (AlzMinderAthleteBaseAt Your Service, CovveDiyfulDTM Games, Enermap, EventApeFeedEspyFunifi, JobchaSweetpeenSocial AirwaysTaxLinked, Yo! PhuzzleViridom) for taking part and would invite them to comment and share their experiences with the whole CEL community.

Looking forward to next year’s Web Summit and I am hopeful that we will see even more Cypriot startups exhibiting the talent that our country has to offer.

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